We would like to take you to a place that is untouched. A place that is not touristy, but dreamy. Castel Castagna is a tiny village, tucked up a windy hill of olive trees, gardens with juicy tomatoes, sheep and slow paced dogs. Castagna stands on a hill in front of the Gran Sasso d’Abruzzo Mountain, a perfect place to admire the panoramic view, no matter the season.

When you walk around the town, you will discover unexplored ancient structures … The Venditti Palace which is located in the historic square, the Municipality with its ancient clocks (sometimes if you’re lucky you can see the clock go backwards- a perfect gesture to remind you to slow down) the Church and the historic homes with panoramic views, all under the eye of the Gran Sasso.

The small park is ideal for entertainment for young and old. Children run free through our quiet tranquil garden. The “town” and locals are relaxed, always waving and saying Buongiorno or Buonasera (Goodmorning, Good Evening)


Castel Castagna is also where an extremely talented chef lives. Her name is Analina, an incredibly strong woman who is always working hard to create the most authentic, gourmet meals. Everything Analina makes is all by hand, all typical dishes of the Abruzzo region. Most things are served farm to table. You will most likely see her son, Francesco working in the garden next to the restaurant, watering and manicuring the seasonal vegetables. Their restaurant is located in the center of our village, with a local bar that serves delicious cappuccinos along with cocktails for those aperitivo afternoons. Bar Falone is usually filled with local, retired men who enjoy a card game or two, spending time with lifelong friends. The restaurant and tiny bar are the heart of Castagna. Without the food, the people would not gather and there wouldn’t be a common place.

A few kilometers away is Castelli, a small city of art known for its ceramics. Castelli is also famous for the sanctuary of San Gabriele, the Church of Santa Maria di Ronzano and San Giovanni ad Insula, for its very beautiful Romanesque style churches.

For nature lovers, a few minutes by car you can visit the Ruzzo waterfalls, Santa Colomba and a small village or easily attainable river walks on foot, on the road to Fano a Corno.

In short, a little corner of paradise where you can relax and eat well. After a few days you may forget the outside world beyong the safe bubble of this little village. 
Castagna is a small town with a big heart.

I learned about my Nonna and her sisters who grew up in this village. There is deep history in this little place. Castel Castagna is a place of locals who are all family. I’ve learned 90% of the people are related one way or another, perhaps that’s why there is so much love felt.